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Contract Manufacturing
Personal care contract manufacturing
Personal care contract manufacturing
Personal care contract manufacturing adding ingredients
Personal care contract manufacturing staff cleaning equipment

Located in Christchurch, New Zealand, our contract manufacturing services cater to businesses of all sizes, spanning various industries, including skincare, pet care, hair care, personal care, and baby care.

With a diverse portfolio producing over 1000 unique SKUs, each product undergoes a specialised formulation and manufacturing process tailored to its unique requirements. Guided by our unwavering commitment to excellence and backed by GMP certification, we pride ourselves on delivering premium-quality products that exceed industry standards.


Our recent investments in cutting-edge equipment highlight our dedication to operational efficiency and flexibility, allowing us to accommodate a wide range of manufacturing needs with low minimum order quantities. Whether you require batch sizes ranging from 80 to 2,000 kg or fill sizes spanning from 3g tubes to 2T IBCs, our facility is equipped to meet your production demands.


From bulk products to finished goods, our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities cover a multitude of packaging formats. Our facility is designed to fill and seal pots, tubes, bottles, jars, boxes, pouches, sachets, sprays, and drums, accommodating containers of all sizes. Additionally, we offer expert labelling and batch-coding services, ensuring that your products are meticulously prepared for dispatch, including boxing and sealing as necessary.


With seamless logistics and global shipping capabilities, including our strategic location within 8kms of an international airport and 16km to a full-service seaport, we offer unparalleled support from production to distribution. This enables you to reach your target markets effortlessly, both locally and for export deliveries.


Third Party Logistics: Peerage Products also provides 3PL services to streamline your supply chain and optimise distribution. These services encompass warehousing, inventory management, order fulfilment and transportation, ensuring smooth coordination throughout your entire logistics process.


Switching contract manufacturers: If you’re considering a transition to a new personal care manufacturer, rest assured that our dedicated team is here to facilitate a seamless shift, ensuring confidentiality and efficiency throughout the process. We understand the unique pace of each business and are prepared to adapt, offering immediate or phased transitions based on your specific needs. Our methodical approach to managing and overseeing the transition ensures that your operations remain uninterrupted, guaranteeing a seamless progression every step of the way.

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