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From formulation through to finished products.

Our purpose-built contract manufacturing facility will bring your vision to life with full service professionalism, and precision - delivered with a smile. At Peerage Products our ethos is to operate with quality, care and precision. We challenge ourselves to be innovative in our thinking while operating under best practice processes, allowing us to be leaders in solutions. We are BioGro certified, GMP Quality certified, and a member of Cosmetics New Zealand.

Skincare Lab


Developing and refining robust and stable formulations is something we pride ourselves on. Our dedicated Technical Manager, Formulation Chemist and laboratory technicians are on hand to ensure the efficacy of your final product. Using recognised best practice methodologies throughout the process, we also work closely with ingredients suppliers to maintain quality control and to seek out the latest in innovative elements.


No. 5697

Skincare Jar Filling


Whether it’s a small-run bespoke lip balm or the large-scale production of a hair treatment, we have the ability to manufacture and scale up a wide range of products within the cosmetic, personal care and toiletries category. Our recent investment in new equipment means we are well positioned to deliver a variety of manufacturing needs, with low minimum order quantities.

Skincare Manufacturing


We are set up to supply both bulk product and finished goods with a range of equipment specifically designed to fill and seal pots, tubes, bottles and lip balm applicators. Our facility is also able to label and batch-code products, pack into cartons and vacuum seal if necessary. In other words we offer an end-to-end contract manufacturing service. You give us the brief, we’ll give you the goods.

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