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Science lab adding ingredients while homogenising
Science lab spatula mixing in a beaker
Adding ingredients in a vessel personal care contract manufacturing

At Peerage Products we specialise in tailoring formulations to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring that every product reflects their specific requirements and preferences. Led by a dedicated team of technical experts, we offer a comprehensive range of personal care solutions designed to deliver unmatched performance and consumer satisfaction.


Whether it's luxurious skin creams, invigorating body washes, masks, balms, or nourishing serums, our formulations are crafted with precision, balancing ingredient synergy, stability, and sustainability. With an eye on industry regulations and emerging consumer trends, we ensure that your products not only comply with standards but also resonate with your target market.


From custom formulations developed from scratch to reverse engineering existing products or enhancing formulations for customization or improvement, Peerage Products provides a collaborative process. Additionally, we offer off-the-shelf products customizable with your brand (refer to our ‘white label’ service for more details). Our process culminates in laboratory samples, feedback integration, and finalized project overviews, ensuring transparency and partnership every step of the way.

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